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If you have lived on your property for longer than one year, you may be aware of drainage issues or problems.Drainage issues in the landscape allows for two possible outcomes. Either live with it or deal with it.

If you chose to 'live with it' then you might want to plant a bog garden.  Many plants are available that thrive in moist conditions.

If you chose to 'deal with it' there are several drainage solutions available.

Dealing with drainage issues begins with thinking of 'outfall'.  Where does the water go?  Two examples of outfall are: tying into existing perimiter drains or discharging water into a ditch.

Get out the shovel!  Use a string line or marking paint to outline your trench.  A proper drainage trench should be about 6" - 8" wide and deep enough to give a 1 - 2% grade from your problem area to the out fall  (this equates to a drop of 2" - 2 1/2" for every 12 feet of trench).  Depth of the trench can vary depending on type of problem and the type of drainage you wish to incorporate.

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