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Proper drainage can be a problem at any time of the year in the landscape.

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Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy lawn provides aesthetic appeal, self-satisfaction and helps to provide a framework for the rest of the garden.

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The addition of a slate patio in the landscape can enhance the look of any property, add value, and provide a social focal point or a private hide-a-way.  Adding an outdoor room can only be viewed as a benefit to the homeowner. 

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Planters & Potted Plants

Potted plants and containers have often been the focal point of any garden or patio, especially in early spring, before all our bedded plants start to grow.  We can have color and variety in our pots instantly.  Pots and containers are fairly simple and are a great place to express our artistic talents.  We just need to take into consideration a few things when planning and we will be rewarded with a great return on our investment.

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Vegetable Gardens

Planting a vegetable garden is fun and enjoyable hobby for many people.

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Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

Fall is a great time to divide perennials or transplant trees and shrubs.  Some considerations for transplanting are:  root ball size, hole size, exposure of new site, and access to water.

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Soil Improvement

We live on an island with limited soil resources.  Typically, soils on the Peninsula are; low in Nitrogen, high in Phosphorus and average to below average in Potassium, slightly acidic and clay based.

Our indigenous soil requires help to bring it up to a level that most ornamental plants need for optimum growth.  In order to achieve a soil that will promote plant growth it is necessary to 'create' soils.

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