All pricing is subject to change at any time. Smaller quantities can be bagged upon request.

3"-8" River Rock
$85.00 / Yard

This product looks wonderful as a border on garden beds, and as a dry river bed. River rock can also be used for ponds, fireplaces, stonewalls and any other decorative purposes. 

When ordering the River Rock for delivery please make sure to come and take a look at the pile as it changes from time to time and there can be some pieces that are larger than than the specified size.

1/2" Clear Crushed Aggregate
$76.00 / Yard

1/4"-1/2" Clear Crushed is an excellent product for pathways, driveways and decorative purposes.

3/4" Clear Crushed Aggregate
$70.00 / Yard

3/4" Clear Crushed is an excellent product for pathways, driveways and other decorative purposes.

3/4" Road Base
$49.00 / Yard

Excellent for driveway base, base for interlocking brick, pathways, filling pot holes and shed bases.

3/4" Salt 'n' Pepper Limestone
$130.00 / Yard

3/4" Salt 'n' Pepper Limestone is a decorative aggregate that can be used on pathways, driveways, as a patio area or parking area, and around ponds.

$71.00 / Yard

Excellent for pathways, base for interlocking brick, and driveways.

3/8" Navvy Jack
$85.00 / Yard

Used for cement work. This is a mixture of Coarse Sand and round 3/8" Dr. Rock.

Pea Gravel
$85.00 / Yard

Excellent for dog runs, child play areas, in bottom of pots for drainage, mixing exposed aggregate, tar and gravel roofing and for decorative purposes.

3/8"-1" Drain Rock
$77.00 / Yard

3/8"-1" Drain Rock is used for perimeter drains, in bottom of pots for drainage, drains, and for decorative purposes.

1"-1.5" Drain Rock
$76.00 / Yard

1-1.5" Drain Rock is used for perimeter drains, septic fields, and for decorative purposes, such as dry riverbeds.

1.5"-2.5"- Round Rock
$80.00 / Yard

The 1.5"-2.5" Round rock is excellent around ponds, dry river beds and decorative purposes around landscapes.

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