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All pricing is subject to change at any time. Smaller quantities can be bagged upon request.

3"-8" River Rock
$85.00 / Yard

This product looks wonderful as a border on garden beds, and as a dry river bed. River rock can also be used for ponds, fireplaces, stonewalls and any other decorative purposes.

1/2" Crushed Granite
$119.00 / Yard

1/2" black and white speckled rock.  Great for walkways, driveways or any landscape purposes where you just want to add some texture and colour.

1/2" Clear Crushed Aggregate
$76.00 / Yard

1/2" Clear Crushed is an excellent product for pathways, driveways and decorative purposes.

3/4" Clear Crushed Aggregate
$64.00 / Yard

3/4" Clear Crushed is an excellent product for pathways, driveways and other decorative purposes.

3/4" Road Base
$44.00 / Yard

Excellent for driveway base, base for interlocking brick, pathways, filling pot holes and shed bases.

3/4" Salt 'n' Pepper Limestone
$122.00 / Yard

3/4" Salt 'n' Pepper Limestone is a decorative aggregate that can be used on pathways, driveways, as a patio area or parking area, and around ponds.

$68.00 / Yard

Excellent for pathways, base for interlocking brick, and driveways.

3/8" Navvy Jack
$79.00 / Yard

Used for cement work. This is a mixture of Coarse Sand and round 3/8" Dr. Rock.

Pea Gravel
$79.00 / Yard

Excellent for dog runs, child play areas, in bottom of pots for drainage, mixing exposed aggregate, tar and gravel roofing and for decorative purposes.

3/8"-1" Drain Rock
$71.00 / Yard

3/8"-1" Drain Rock is used for perimeter drains, in bottom of pots for drainage, drains, and for decorative purposes.

1"-1.5" Drain Rock
$75.00 / Yard

1-1.5" Drain Rock is used for perimeter drains, septic fields, and for decorative purposes, such as dry riverbeds.

1.5"-2.5"- Round Rock
$75.00 / Yard

The 1.5"-2.5" Round rock is excellent around ponds, dry river beds and decorative purposes around landscapes.

3/8" Tan Pathway Rock
$519.99 / yard

3/8" Tan Pathway Rock. Great for decorating any garden, pathway, or patio. 

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