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What Type of Mulch Should I Use On My Garden and Why?

What Type Of Soil Should I Be Using On My Lawn or Garden?

How to Install a Slate Patio. Peninsula Landscape Suuplies

Advice on the fundamentals of laying flagstone and slate to build a proper patio. 

What Is The Best Product To Use On My Driveway

How To Install A New Pathway.

How To Maintain A Weed Free Lawn And Garden.

What to look for when choosing a Soil. Peninsula Landscape Supplies

In this video, our resident expert explains the fine details of selecting the soil that is right for your gardening needs.

How to Install a New Lawn, from Peninsula Landscape Supplies

A discussion on installing a new lawn and the products and procedures that should be followed for the best results.

What Are The Proper Uses For Cedar Mulches? Peninsula Landscape Supplies

Different uses for Cedar Mulch and why it should not be used around plants.

How Much Landscaping Material Can I Put In My Truck? Peninsula Landscape Supplies

Discussion of volume versus wieght.

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