Bagged Products

Pre-Bagged Products

All pricing is subject to change at any time. Smaller quantities can be bagged upon request.

1/2-1" Polished Black Rock
$46.99 / bag

Excellent as a garden accent, around a pond, in planters or at the base of a fountain. Also works in vases or aquariums.

1-2" Polished Black Rock
$46.99 / bag

1-2" Polished Black Rock is a decorative stone. Excellent as a garden accent, around a pond, in planters or at the base of a fountain. Also works in vases or aquariums.

Red Lava Nuggets
$18.99 / bag

3/4"-1" Red Lava Rock

Black Lava Nuggets
$21.99 / bag

Black Lava Nuggets are a great addition to any garden. Bags cover 1 cubic foot. 

Red Lava Pebbles
$18.99 / bag

1/4" Red Lava Pebbles come in a 1 cubic foot bag.

Black Lava Pebbles
$21.99 / bag

1 cubic ft. bag.

3/4-1" Mountain West White Marble Rocks
$22.99 / 1/2 Cu. Ft. bag

Mountain Magic 3/4"-1" marble chips

Mountain West Products Medium Bark Nuggets
$16.99 / bag

2 cubic ft. bag.

Island's Finest Mushroom Manure
$5.99 / 10Kg

Island's Finest Mushroom Manure (1.0-0.5-1.0) increases organic content, water retention, and imporves the structure of your soil. 

Peat Moss - 3.8 cu. ft.
$34.99 / bag 3.8 cu. ft.

Peat moss is an important component of most potting soils and seed starting mediums. It holds several times its weight in moisture, and releases the moisture to the plants roots as needed. It also holds onto nutrients so that they aren't rinsed out of the soil when you water the plant.

Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae
$53.99 / 3.8 cu. ft. bag

Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae is a peat-based growing medium designed to provide a growing environment with significant drainage capacity, increased air porosity, and lower water retention.

MySoil Container Mix
$17.99 / 50L bag

MySoil Container Mix is ideal for all containers, hanging baskets, and planterboxes.

MySoil Organic Potting Mix
$18.99 / 50L

Island's Finest Organic Top Soil is an excellent choice for begetables, herbs, and patio/container gardens.

Island's Finest Top Soil
$7.99 / 30L bag

Island's Finest Professional Gardener Series Top Soil is a rich organic growing medium ideal for lawns, flower and vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, and topdressing.

Island's Finest Potting Soil
$17.99 / 28L

Island's Finest Potting Soil is premium quality soil that is ideal for indoor and outdoor potted plants. 

Island's Finest Perlite 20L
$16.99 / 20L

Island's Finest Perlite provides excellent aeration properties and superior water retention to any soil. 

Supreme Perlite 110L
$39.99 / Each

110L Supreme Perlite bales 4 cu. ft 110L propogation grade.

Island's Finest Silica Sand
$5.99 / 5lb

Island's Finest Silica Sand (5lb)

Burlap Sacs
$2.25 / each

14"x30" Burlap sand bags.

Poly Sand Bags

Pre-bagged sand in poly bags. For winter weight or to help keep flooding at bay

1-2" Polished Earth Blend

40lb bags

1/2-1" Polished Earth Blend

40lb bags

Evergro Ice Melter - 10kg
$14.99 / bag

Evergro Ice Melter is environmentally friendly and safe for use on grass, stairs, and painted surfaces when used as directed.

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