Landscape Supplies

All pricing is subject to change at any time. Smaller quantities can be bagged upon request.

Bender Board 4"x40' Lawn Edging
$49.99 / ea

Bender Board is black, 4" tall semi-flexible landscape edging sold in 40' rolls. Useful for dividing lawns from garden beds or separating materials throughout your yard.

Anchor stakes sold separately.

Bender Board Metal Anchoring Stakes
$13.99 / 5-pack

Pack of 5 12" metal anchoring stakes for use with Bender Board lawn edging.

Lawn edging sold seperately.

Knockdown Diatomaceous Earth 300g
$11.99 / ea

Knockdown Diatomaceous Earth is an all-purpose insecticide that can be used indoors and outdoors for help with controlling ants, centipedes, earwigs, and more.

Safer's BTK Concentrate - 100mL
$13.99 / each

Safer's BTK Concentrate is a biological insecticide designed for use against caterpillars, cabbage worm, gypsy moths, tomato hornworm, and other insects.

Safer's Slug & Snail Bait - 1kg
$20.99 / each

The Safer's Slug & Snail Bait is a pellet-form bait that functions by starting a dehydration process in slugs and snails. It should be applied at a rate of 2 grams per 1 square metre of soil. It will not harm children, pets, birds, or other wildlife - please see label for specific information and details.

Burgon & Ball Kneelo Knee Pads
$35.99 / Pair

Burgon & Ball's Kneelo Knee Pads have an EVA foam and memory foam interior for comfort, paired with a hard-wearing neoprene exterior coated in a quick drying nylon coating.

Boss FrostyGrip Gloves
$7.99 / ea

Boss FrostyGrip Gloves are made of a knit body with latex dipped fingers and palm.

Guardian Angel Dig-In Gloves
$10.99 / each

The Guardian Angel Dig-In Dotted Gloves are nitrile dipped with a dotted pattern for extra grip.

Ladyfinger Dig-In Gloves
$5.99 / each

Boss Ladyfinger Dig-in Gloves are composed of a breathable fabric with a nitrile-dipped palm.

Terratuff Latex Work Gloves
$5.59 / each

Terratuff Latex Work Gloves have a latex dipped palm for moisture resistance.

Terratuff Nitrile Work Gloves
$4.99 / each

Terratuff Nitrile Work Gloves are nylon gloves with a nitrile dipped palm.

Terratuff Blue Tarp 10x12' 4mil
$11.99 / each

The Terratuff Blue Tarp is a 10x12' size, 4mil thick light-duty tarp with rust-resistant aluminium gromments.

Terratuff Blue Tarp 8x10' 4mil
$9.99 / each

The Terratuff Blue Tarp is a 8x10' size, 4mil thick light-duty tarp with rust-resistant aluminium gromments.

Terratuff Black Tarp 10x12' 10mil
$22.99 / each

The Terratuff Black Tarp is a 10x12' size, 10mil thick light-duty tarp with rust-resistant aluminium gromments.

Jobe's Plastic Deer Barrier 6.5x95'

Jobe's Plastic Deer Barrier is 6.5' tall, and comes in a 95' long roll. Being plastic fencing, it is lightweight and will not rust or rot like metal or wood fencing. It can be fastened easily to posts or trees to protect your crops or secure your property from deer and other pests.

Mighty Diamond 20' Rolled Top Landscape Edging
$29.99 / 20' length

The Mighty Diamond 20' Rolled Top Landscape Edging is made of a black plastic featuring a rolled upper edge for a finished look. Each length comes with a set of metal stakes as well as a connector for joining multiple lengths together. 

Landscape Fabric Anchoring Staples
$0.25 / each

Aluminium, 6" tall U-shaped landscape staples used for securing landscape fabric and other materials.

Innovative Edging 20' Lawn Edging
$33.99 / 20' length

Innovative Edging's 20' long lawn edging is 3" tall, made of black plastic and comes with a set of 9" poly nails to secure it.

Wilson OneShot Hornet & Wasp Killer
$12.99 / each

Wilson OneShot Hornet & Wasp Killer is a pressurized spray for use on surfaces or nests to kill insects on contact.

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