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Seasonal Tips


Fall Gardening Essentials

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Fall is nearing and it is time to prepare our yards and gardens for winter.  There are numerous things you should address before the weather takes a potential turn for the worse, so we will briefly discuss a couple of these items..

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Why Fall Rye?

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If your vegetable garden is going to sit dormant over the winter, think about planting a cover crop like Fall Rye.  Fall Rye can be planted from September to early November. Sow after you have cleared your garden plot of all plants.  The additon of a cover crop can improve soil drainage, increase nitrogen, increase microbial activity, choke out weeds, and help with soil erosion.  

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Mulching For Winter Plant Relief

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With the temperature beginning to drop, now is the time to start thinking about protecting your garden for the winter. This means putting a layer (up to 3” deep) of mulch on the soil. Things that can be used for mulching are...... MORE

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