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Seasonal Tips


Tips for Successful Transplanting

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Early spring and late fall are optimal times to transplant, when plants are dormant or nearing dormancy.

... MORE

Potting Mix

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Garden soil, manure and topsoil are not meant to be used in planters as they are. These materials are too heavy, they dry out quickly, and they do not allow the flow of oxygen to the plants roots... MORE

Fertilizing Rhododendrons and Azaleas

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March is a great time to fertilize any spring flowering plants in your garden, such as rhododendrons and azaleas. We suggest that you feed your rhodos and azaleas 4-5 times between March and July... MORE

Steps for Seeding or Sodding a New Lawn

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Initial preparation is the most important step! 1. Prepare seed bed with 4” – 6” of soil: Deluxe Garden Soil, or Blended Soil, or a combination of the above with i. Premium Mix, ii. Fish Compost, iii. Soil Amender, or iv. Fine or medium sand...... MORE

Steps for Overseeding a Lawn

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#1 - Cut, moss control, power rake and/or aerate #2 - Top dress with: fish compost, soil amender, premium mix, or any combination of the above #3 - Compact dressed areas #4 - Fertilize with ‘Turf starter’ and rake in lightly... MORE

Steps For Renovating Your Lawn

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#1 - Cut (2-2.5 inches) long to provide shade to roots and decrease evaporation of water. #2 - Apply Moss Control. #3 - Power rake (lawn comb) after moss has died (it will have turned black). Cut again. #4 - Aerate. Leave plugs in lawn to break down. ...... MORE


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Reducing and eliminating potholes is usually a job left for early spring. The rains have come and hopefully gone and we can now see the damage done by the winter months on our driveways, parking areas and pathways.... MORE

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