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Why Fall Rye?

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If your vegetable garden is going to sit dormant over the winter, think about planting a cover crop like Fall Rye.  Fall Rye can be planted from September to early November. Sow after you have cleared your garden plot of all plants.  The additon of a cover crop can improve soil drainage, increase nitrogen, increase microbial activity, choke out weeds, and help with soil erosion.  

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Steps for Seeding or Sodding a New Lawn

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Initial preparation is the most important step! 1. Prepare seed bed with 4” – 6” of soil: Deluxe Garden Soil, or Blended Soil, or a combination of the above with i. Premium Mix, ii. Fish Compost, iii. Soil Amender, or iv. Fine or medium sand...... MORE

Steps For Renovating Your Lawn

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#1 - Cut (2-2.5 inches) long to provide shade to roots and decrease evaporation of water. #2 - Apply Moss Control. #3 - Power rake (lawn comb) after moss has died (it will have turned black). Cut again. #4 - Aerate. Leave plugs in lawn to break down. ...... MORE

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