Autumn : Why Fall Rye?

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If your vegetable garden is going to sit dormant over the winter, think about planting a cover crop like Fall Rye.  Fall Rye can be planted from September to early November.  Sow after you have cleared your garde plot of all plants.  The addition of a cover crop can improve soil drainage, increase Nitrogen, increase microbial activity, choke out weeds and help with soil erosion.  If you use a cover crop it is a good idea to change up the seed you use each year, so that you are not always adding the same thing, same goes for the type soil amendments you choose.  Sow the Fall Rye at 1kg per 20 sq. meters.  In the early spring when the Rye is about 12" tall, cut it back and till the rest into the soil.  Make sure to leave anywhere from 2-4 weeks before you plant your garden out as the Fall Rye is still decomposing and may compete with your new veggies for nutrients.

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