Spring : Potholes

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PotholesReducing and eliminating potholes is usually a job left for early spring. The rains have come and hopefully gone and we can now see the damage done by the winter months on our driveways, parking areas and pathways. Filling potholes is a fairly easy task, depending on the size of the hole of course. The first step is to make sure that the pothole is free of any water or mud/sludge. The water must be removed, or when you add the 3/4" Road Base it will just mix, turn to mush and come right back out of the hole. Not what you want. Once the hole is empty you need to get some 3/4" road base fill the hole in and tamp the product down as best you can. A lawn roller works great or a plate tamper for more problematic areas. Another tip for filling those stubborn potholes that come back year after year, is to mix some concrete into your road base to help it bind together better.

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