Soil Conditioner Pro

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Soil Conditioner Pro can be used as mulch, topdressing for established lawns, or as a soil amendment for heavy, depleted soils in garden beds and vegetable beds.  Soil Conditioner Pro is a compost soil amendment that is a significant source of nutrients and organic matter.  It will revitalize poor soil by improving soil structure, increasing moisture retention, and stimulating biological activity within the soil.  Soil Conditioner Pro has been composted at temperatures reaching approximately 55 degrees Celsius to kill most weeds, weed seeds, and pathogens.


Mulching (Planted Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials)

Apply a 3”-4” layer of Soil Conditioner Pro over your existing garden bed.  It is important that you keep the mulch approximately 6” away from trunks and stems of trees and shrubs.  Also, do not cover the crowns of perennials if applying Soil Conditioner Pro in the spring before perennials begin to grow.  Irrigate generously.

Soil Amendment (New Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials)

Dig a hole 2 to 3 times wider than the diameter of the root ball of the plant and the same depth as the root ball.  Blend one part Soil Conditioner Pro and two parts of the original soil from the planting hole.  Place the plant in the hole.  The top of the plants root ball should sit 1” to 2” higher than the existing soil grade.  Cut and remove any wire/string and synthetic packing material.  If the plants are wrapped in natural burlap, it can be rolled down and buried with the soil/Soil Conditioner Pro mix.  Backfill the plant with the remaining soil, packing it firmly in rises to prevent settling, then irrigate generously.

Soil Amendment (Vegetable Beds)

Remove any weeds and other debris from the vegetable bed.  Spread a 3”-6” layer of Soil Conditioner Pro evenly over the bed.  Incorporate the Soil Conditioner Pro into the top 8”-12” of the existing soil using a roto-tiller or a shovel.  Once blending is complete, rake to achieve an even grade.  Plant seeds or starter plants and irrigate generously.  Repeat annually.

Lawn Topdressing (Established Lawns)

Core-aerate the lawn to relieve soil compaction.  Cores can be cleaned up, or left to break down naturally.  Spread a ½” layer of Soil Conditioner Pro over the lawn (1/4” if not core-aerating).  It is okay if the holes are filled in, especially if you have poor soil.  Gently work the material into the lawn using the backside of a rake.  Irrigate generously for several days.  If you are overseeding, this should be done after you have spread the topdressing.  Apply a phosphorous rich turf starter such as 15-30-10 to promote healthy root development.  Also, remember to keep the seed bed moist (not saturated) until the grass seed has germinated.  Topdressing with Soil Conditioner Pro on an annual basis will help maintain a healthy lawn

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