Earthbank Fish Compost

All pricing is subject to change at any time.  All bulk products can be bagged upon request.

How to Use:

Garden Beds: 

apply 1-3" depending on the quality of existing soil. Mix into the top 3-4" of exisiting soil.  Do not mix any deeper as compost is most effective near the surface where it has access to Oxygen.

Potted Plants:

Remove as much soil as possible from the top of the pot without damaging roots and replace with fish compost.

As a Mulch:

Apply 2-3" around plants which provides moisture retention, weed control, long-term fertility, and has an attractive appearance.

Established Lawns:

Cover the lawn lightly with about 1/4"-1/2" of fish compost. Rake the compost in and water thoroughly.  This can be repeated several times as the grass grows into the compost.

$94.00 / yard