Premium Mix

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Premium mix is a blend that can be used for most gardening and landscaping applications.  Premium mix is composed of approximately 75% composted organic matter and 25% washed sand by volume, screened through a 3/8” screen.  The organic matter in this blend has been composted at temperatures reaching up to 63º C to ensure that most weeds, weed seeds, and pathogens have been destroyed.  The high organic content of Premium Mix significantly increases soil fertility, provides growth stimulants to plants, improves soil structure, and adds porosity to improve drainage.  Premium mix is suitable for creating new garden beds for trees, shrubs, perennials, and is a preferred blend for growing vegetables.  It may also be used for installation of new low traffic lawns, and topdressing existing lawns.


Garden Beds

Remove any existing turf, weeds or other debris from the new garden bed area and lightly scarify the sub-soil.  Apply 12” – 20” of Premium Mix. Lightly compact the soil with a half filled lawn roller then rake to achieve desired grade and contour.  When planting, add phosphorous rich bone meal to planting holes. When planting is finished, topdress the entire planting bed with Soil Amender to supply additional nutrients and aid in weed suppression and moisture retention.  If mulching with bark mulch after planting, consider applying a generous application of 6-8-6 all purpose fertilizer, or Milorganite 6-2-0 prior to spreading the bark.  This will compensate for the nitrogen loss as the bark mulch decomposes.

Light Traffic Lawns

Remove any existing weeds or other debris from the new lawn area.  Apply 4” to 8” of Premium Mix.  Rough grade the soil then roll with a lawn roller.  Rake one more time to achieve a desired finish grade.  Apply a phosphorous rich turf starter fertilizer such as 15-30-10 to the prepared area, and then install seed or turf.  Regardless of installing seed or turf, it should be rolled upon completion to ensure proper seed/turf to soil contact. Keep your turf/seed bed moist (not saturated) until turf begins to root or the seed has germinated. 

Lawn Topdressing (Established Lawns)

Core-aerate the lawn to relieve soil compaction.  Cores can be cleaned up, or left to break down naturally.  Spread a ½” layer of Premium Mix over the lawn (¼” if not core-aerating).  It is ok if holes are filled in, especially if you have poor soil.  Gently work the material into the lawn using the backside of a rake.  It is important to get as much of the top dressing touching the soil as possible.  If you plan to overseed, it should be done after you have spread your top dressing to prevent new grass seed from being buried to deeply.   Apply a phosphorous rich turf starter fertilizer such as 15-30-10 to promote healthy root development.  Also, remember to keep the soil moist (not saturated) until the grass seed has germinated.

$60.00 / yard