Deluxe Garden Soil

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 Deluxe Garden Soil is a blend that can be used for most gardening and landscaping applications.  Deluxe Garden Soil is a mixture of quality composted organic matter, horticulture grade peat moss, and sand, screened through a 3/8” screen.  The incorporation of composted organic matter greatly increases the fertility of the soil, adds porosity to improve drainage, and improves soil structure.  Deluxe Garden Soil is suitable for creating new garden beds for planting trees, shrubs, and perennials. 


 Garden Beds

 Remove any existing turf, weeds or other debris from the new garden bed area.  Apply 12” – 20” of Deluxe Garden Soil. Lightly compact the soil with a half filled lawn roller then rake to achieve a desired grade and contour.  When planting, add phosphorous rich bone meal to the planting holes. When planting is finished, top-dress the entire planting bed with Soil Amender to supply additional nutrients, and aid in weed suppression and moisture retention.  If mulching with bark mulch after planting, consider applying a generous application of 6-8-6 all purpose fertilizer, or Milorganite 6-2-0 prior to spreading the bark.  This will compensate for the nitrogen loss as the bark mulch decomposes.

$47.00 / yard